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 Narodno rvanje

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Beli pojas

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PostSubject: Narodno rvanje   Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:52 pm

Narodno rvanje ( lit. folk wrestling ) is traditional Serbian wrestling style, and it is practiced in all lands where Serbs live. In modern times it is only preserved on countryside, where it can be seen sometimes. Usually it is shown to children as an game, but it is also common for adults to engage in wrestling matches be it as an game amongst friends or in tournaments. In addition wrestling tournaments are organized on all sorts of festivals, usually religious. On the festivals sometimes, wrestling tournaments, are part of greater completions, in which competitors must engage in other disciplines such as Archery, Tree climbing, knife throwing, racing through the forest, arm-wrestling, swimming and variety of other disciplines, which can differ from place to place.
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Narodno rvanje
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